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IIVS Management Team

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board - Dr. Rodger D. Curren

Dr. Rodger D. Curren received his B.S. (Biology) from Purdue University, followed by an M.S. from Ohio University and a Ph.D. in microbial genetics from the Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University. His post-doctoral work (human cell mutagenesis and DNA repair) was conducted at the Michigan Cancer Foundation and Michigan State University.

After more than 10 years of specializing in genetic toxicology and chemical carcinogenesis, he created an In Vitro Toxicology Division as part of the contract research organization Microbiological Associates (now BioReliance) in 1988. This activity was subsequently incorporated as its own non-profit Institute, the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc. (IIVS). Since 1997 IIVS has provided educational and laboratory-based resources for non-animal safety testing to industry, government, and animal welfare organizations, as well as the general public.

Throughout its history, IIVS has been aware of the importance of training in furthering the use of in vitro (non-animal) methods. We believe that only with proper training in non-animal techniques will scientists and regulators be able to confidently turn away from traditional animal-based methods and embrace cellular and computational methods more predictive of human responses. To this end, IIVS has conducted not only theoretical workshops, but has also provided hands-on laboratory training to hundreds of scientists and regulators worldwide. Most recently, the IIVS International Outreach Program has provided in vitro toxicology training to scientists in China, Brazil, Japan, and throughout Europe. My belief is that activites like these will not only eventually end the use of animals in safety testing, but it will replace animal testing with far superior methods.

In addition to assisting with IIVS educational programs, Dr. Curren serves on many national and international committees and science advisory boards of organizations focused on the development, validation, and practical use of alternative methods to whole animal testing. Among other activities, he is past president of the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT), and a former member of both the Scientific Advisory Committee for the European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) and the Scientific Advisory Committee for Alternative Toxicological Methods in the US. He currently serves on the Advisory Boards of the Center for Responsible Science and the International Foundation for Ethical Research.

Dr. Curren’s efforts in optimizing and promoting new alternative methods have earned him several honors in the in vitro field, including the Russell and Burch Award, the Bjorn Ekwall Memorial award, and the William and Eleanor Cave award for outstanding achievements in the development, validation and advancement of humane alternatives for product testing.

President - Ms. Erin H. Hill

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 1990 in Cell Biology and Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego, Erin joined a tissue engineering company (Advanced Tissue Sciences) and assisted in the marketing and sales of 3 Dimensional human skin constructs to the personal care and household products market. Erin then expanded her interest in in vitro methods during work for a developer of hollow fiber bioreactors for the production of mono clonal anti-bodies. In 1995 she joined the In Vitro Toxicology Unit at Microbiological Associates with Dr. Rodger Curren. In 1997 she became a co-founder of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc. (IIVS) where she is currently an officer and a member of the Board of Directors. As President Erin is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating activities to achieve IIVS’ mission of increasing the use and acceptance of in vitro methods. She will also interact with other groups, both domestic and international, who are involved the advancement of non-animal alternative methods with the intent of coordinating efforts which will lead to the regulatory acceptance of these methods including interactions with industry, regulatory agencies and animal protection organizations. In 2010 Erin co-founded the American Society for Cellular and Computation Toxicology (ASCCT) where she serves as Treasurer. She is also a board member of the In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform.

Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer - Mr. Hans A. Raabe, M.S.

Mr. Raabe, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, received his BS degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland in 1984 and a MS in Biotechnology Management at the University of Maryland, University College in 1996. In 1987, he joined Microbiological Associates, Inc. (now BioReliance Corp.) in the Genetic Toxicology Division where he conducted and supervised in vitro and in vivo toxicity and DNA damage detection assays. In 1997 he joined the newly-formed Institute for In Vitro Sciences as Study Director for GLP-compliant ocular and dermal irritation assays. Currently as Vice President and COO he is responsible for the development, design, operation and improvement of the systems that create and deliver in vitro testing services. Mr. Raabe has served as an expert on several OECD Test Guideline panels, has been an invited presenter at ICCVAM Workshops and review panels, and has participated in multiple ECVAM and ICCVAM validation studies. His research interests include modeling ocular and dermal irritation and wound healing events in vitro using complex 3-D tissue constructs and ex vivo tissues. He has been an SOT member since 2008.

Rodger D. Curren, Ph.D.
Erin H. Hill
Hans A. Raabe, M.S.